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xpdtime helps you keep pace with shifting requirements for your talented human resources by instantly assigning employees to one or more tasks as required. Tasks are assigned to managers in the same expedient manner. Thus, the most qualified lead the most experienced.
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"xpdtime is easy to use. And I know the information I submit is immediately accessible to others for analysis. No more lost reports or wasted time. I'm confident my timesheet data is accurate, and isn't lost on a paper trail going nowhere."
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Simple timesheet and expense reporting solution for your company.

Easy to use and quick to implement - xpdtime helps you reduce manual processing, save time and reduce errors.

Increase your organizational productivity and efficiency!

Transfer data into your accounting system
Generate real-time reports
Position your company to become DCAA Compliance
Do task-based time capture for job costing
Multiple leave accruals, scheduling and tracking
Email reminders and Electronic approvals
Secure and auditable transactions

Many organizations are bogged down in manual time tracking methods that constantly wear away at productivity and are predisposed to errors. xpdtime is a clear and sweeping solution to these timesheet challenges. This timesheet software lets both employees and managers enter and track daily timesheets through a simple, yet powerful, Web interface. xpdtime makes it simple to file expense reports and make leave requests. And it seamlessly blends with accounting systems and is compliant with DCAA standards, meeting government agency contracting requirements.

Eliminate waste, increase productivity.
xpdtime eliminates the wasted time and confusing or misplaced records that result from manual timesheets. When everyone from employees and their supervisors, to the accounting and project management staff, all use the same Web-based timesheet system, data is easily entered and quickly moved along through the system. Managers can electronically and promptly approve or deny timesheets, expense reports and leave requests.

Reduce timesheet and expense report errors.
As paper records drift from employees and supervisors to accounting and payroll departments, timesheets can become damaged, mixed up or lost. Subsequently, the re-keying of timesheets by HR and then payroll staff usually results in data-entry errors. With xpdtime, timesheet errors are all but eliminated because data is entered only once. Records are stored electronically and flow securely through the system.

Integration with accounting systems.
You don't need to worry about getting timesheets or expense reports to your other important business applications. That's because xpdtime integrates seamlessly with major project management and accounting systems.

Real-time reports easy and accurate
Time and attendance records should be easy to access in real-time ­ with xpdtime, they are. Employees can check any approved hours they've billed, and confirm the amount of leave time they have available at any given minute. Supervisors, HR managers and the payroll department can track daily and cumulative hours billed and leave taken.
DCAA compliance
Synchronization accounting systems
Electronic signatures
Universal web access
Expense report filing
Leave request and tracking

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The proven solution!
xpdtime is a proven solution, with successful deployments in commercial enterprises as well as in government agencies. xpdtime works seamlessly with other popular applications to bring efficiencies to timesheet, human resources and other vital and typically time-consuming business functions. To find out more about xpdtime™ or to schedule a demonstration, call 888/777-4638.

 xpdtime is DCAA Compliant

xpdtime is now available as a major component of xpdoffice.

Visit www.xpdoffice.com for more details.

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